Monday, 19 March 2012

Doctor Who stuff!!!!!!

Soooooo, I've got a stall at DIFF CON  

EXCITED doesn't cover it....

So, I've got my lovely steampunk who-esque necklaces etc, but I'm looking for something else to do... so, I've done a few prototypes... and thought I'd share

I'm thinking of doing loadsa doctor who characters, charms etc.... Exciting Times xxx

Sunday, 4 March 2012

More Dragons and Giveaway WInner!!

AND THE WINNER IS 'The Crafty Cupcake'

Thanks to all those who entered and better luck next time to those who missed out!!!

I'm really pleased with myself this week.  I have been wanting to make dragons for a while, and I just couldn't get started.  I love the work of Birdy Heywood, so decided to get her DVD.  Wow, just inspirational...

So I made my first little guy on Monday, and it went from there, each one getting bigger and better... I love making these, as you just don't know how they will turn out!!! I love this one:

He is 3.5" high, and just a cutie!!!

I then decided to make a bigger one, and my OH decided it should be a commission by him for one of his band friends.. brief:  Must have a guitar, dreadlocks and head thrown back, very pleased with outcome

I hope you like him too :)