Saturday, 18 August 2012

GIVEAWAY & a catch up

Well, I've been busy busy busy...

I haven't been about much on my blog = the main reason - My internet is PANTS!!!! 

It's got a lot worse recently, and everything takes an age to do!! 

On a more positive note, the last month, has seen Goblin Dreams take a more focused direction.

I decided that there was just TOO MUCH on the website.. I want to focus my handmade items on interesting and unusual things, rather than quantity, so I'm having a massive sale.  Check it out and grab yourself some bargains

You will also notice the addition of some categories - I am very happy to have been approved to sell Alchemy Gothic Products.  Designed and made in the UK, I cannot begin to describe the quality of these items - Take a look see yourself!!

One of my favourite new additions are the mini tattoo gun necklaces - These are beautiful - and more designs to come - Why not treat yourself?

And to top it all off - I've had a bit of a website redesign, and a new logo will be on it's way soon.  I do think the website looks better, clearer and more user friendly, what do you think?

I've also invested in some new shelving to store my stock and it was just getting chaotic, and taking the pleasure out of things.  It's by no means finished, but already looking better, and I'm already feeling more creative... Can't believe how much stock I've got - gonna need more shelves :)

When I was tidying... I found a Mug I'd stuffed with samples to have as a Giveaway ... whoop... and I ahve a shiny new APP that lets me run a proper Giveaway.  

To enter - go to my facebook page

That's it for now folks, have a great weekend