Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Giveaway for 1000 Facebook Likers

Ok, so as promised I have some goodies for a Giveaway.  


You need to leave a comment below telling us about something embarrassing, funny or fabulous that has happened to you

Names will be pulled out of a hat.
Giveaway is open until 8pm Thursday 22nd Sept
Please remember to check back to find out if you are a winner, I will post winners on Facebook too x

Items will be posted free of charge
Competition is open to anyone (not just UK)

Please also add me on Facebook 
(Will be more give aways and discount codes as the numbers grow)

There are 5 individual  prizes up for grabs:

1.  Lolita Necklace with choice of setting, cameo colour and necklace

2. Lolita Bangle (choose your cameo colour)

3.  Absinthe Earrings

4.  Blood Vial Fang Earrings

5.  Large Fairy Cameo Necklace

Good Luck Everyone x

Monday, 5 September 2011

Walking With Giants Foundation Charity Auction

Just a quick blog to tempt you to bid in my Charity Auction.

I will be running charity auctions on a regular basis.. The first one is for WWGF a charity close to my heart
Pop along and make a bid if you can, and I'm always looking for donations xx



Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fairy wings and supplies

Firstly I must apologise for being such a lazy blogger - Bad Nici!!!

So what have i been up to?  Well, busy busy busy

I've been making lots and lots....

This week I have been mainly concentrating on learning how to make fairy wings

It's a very fiddly process, but they are sooooo cute

I'm still very much learning, but the prototypes have gone down well.  I need to perfect the process of making these, then do a tutorial.

these ones didn't work too well, I tried using superglue to glue the wires -
just ends up messy, but with a little glitter they look ok

These are finished in diamond glaze with glitter, I like the effect of these
These are finished in glue and glitter.. I love the design on these

another set finished in diamond glaze, I think this is definitely the way to do it..

The other thing I have decided is to venture into the world of supplies.  i don't want to go mad, but the main thing is to sell the materials that I use - I'm spending so much on materials I may as well get them wholesale.
So I've added a new section to my website - CRAFT GOBLIN, the plan is to get some tutorials on there too.. 

So that's what I've been up to,  hope you are all having productive weeks x

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Absinthe.... ??? Blood....???

Not blogged for a while.. been busy creating.  
I kinda developed an obsession with all things absinthe, love love love the vintage posters.  

Here's some thing's I made:

My favourite are the tiny bottles filled with green glitter and a teeny absinthe label, which got me thinking....

And then I went to the kitchen and thought.......

Blood and Dead man's blood (for every vampire eventuality) 

So.... then I thought...........

Hope this has given you a little insight into how my mind works!!!


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Winners of Giveaway

Thanks to everyone for entering the Give Away.  The comments were brilliant and made me smile.
Each entry was allocated a number, and a random number generator used to be fair.

So here's the winners:

First Winner, of Steampunk Butterfly Necklace is: HotWelshChick who's interesting fact was: My interesting insight into me...
I gain more satisfaction from helping others - offering them support, assisting them when in need and searching for gifts I know will make them smile - than I ever have from receiving gifts myself! ...Their smiles make me smile! x

Second Winner of Choice of Memory Wire Bracelet is Darkrose who says: OK something interesting....I do calligraphy and I'm a raving Goth who loves unusual jewellery xxx

Third prize of Butterfly Earrings is Amy W, who says: Something interesting about me??? Not a lot really but I named my daughter Mae after Mae West...what a kick ass woman :)

Fourth Prize of Bag Charm is Rachel who says: Hi, something interesting about me....I can see peoples aura's and i think in colours not words or pictures, which makes translating whats in my head into english really hard!!!! But I have a very understanding husband who doesn't mind living in 'Rachels World'! Is that weird enough?!!

Well done to the Winners and for those who missed out, watch this space as there will be more chances to win soon :)

Check out my facebook page for regular discount codes xx

Can the winners please contact me via Facebook or contact@goblindreams.co.uk  with address so I can send your goodies to you xx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Giveaway for 500 Facebook likes

Ok, so as promised I have some goodies for a Giveaway.  

You have to follow my blog and leave a comment below with an interesting fact about yourself.  SIMPLES
Names will be pulled out of a hat.
Giveaway is open until Midnight Sunday, names will be drawn the next week.

Please also add me on Facebook 
(Will be more give aways and discount codes as the numbers grow)

There are 4 individual  prizes up for grabs:

1.  Steampunk Butterfly Necklace

2.Choice of Memory Wire Bracelet
(see here:  http://www.goblindreams.co.uk/shopgob/cat_398889--Bracelets.html)

3.  Butterfly Earrings

4.  Bag Charm

Good Luck Everyone x

Monday, 4 July 2011

Steampunk, Pagan, fimo and Resin.. AND HANDMADE MONDAY

Been busy busy busy, been a few weeks since I've joined in on handmade Monday - go and check out the other blogs on handmade monday

So... Last week, I didn't get much done, with family visiting and work work work...

BUT today has been a day of creativity

I received my the latest book by the lovely Jema Hewitt on Saturday - really work a look guys :  http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1440308381/ref=oss_product

It gave me  some inspiration for today...  I've done some more steam punk creations

Pendant made from watchparts,
 fimo and finished in resin

back of pendant

Pendant made from watch parts,
fimo and finished in resin


New bronze filigree lockets

on the inside

and another

bronze vintage pendant, with turquoise
and black marbled fimo and watch parts

bronze vintage pendant, with
pink marbled fimo and watch parts

Vintage bronze pendant with rose picture,
 watch parts, finished in resin

Hair grips, fimo  background layered with
watch parts and finished in resin

Compact mirror, tales of the deep

I also had a request from a customer to do some green man items,  so I had a little play today
1" on bronze pendant
2" x 1" on silver plated pendant
compact mirror

So, I hope you've enjoyed having a little peek at what I've been up to, have a good week everyone x

Monday, 13 June 2011

Steampunk and Handmade Monday

It's that time of the week again - Handmade Monday - pop over a have a look!!

I've been recovering from the comic con, but have had some time to make some new creations!
I've been experimenting with Fluxe Resin Powder... This is something I've been meaning to do for a while, and here's the results!

First piece I did - prototype :)

Then I went onto do these... I've done Doctor Who & Torchwood steampunk as I have a stall at DIFFCON in August, but will be doing lots of variations...

I love the effect with the resin and watch parts!!!

I then went on to make some other steampunk goodies

My Favourite Piece this week:

Would welcome feedback - apologies for photos (all taken on iPhone!!)

Have a great week peeps