Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year to All!!! FREE TUTORIALS!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

2012 was a great year, really getting the ball rolling with Goblin Dreams.
We only attended one show last year, but it was a great one!!
We mainly focused on getting our branding right, and our online shizz sleek!

2012 really saw the supplies side of the business take off.  We have so many lovely emails from customers saying how pleased they are - it really does make our day!

Never forget - we are always happy to try and source supplies, and don't be afraid to ask for different quantities and custom orders.  Also, if you find others are selling cheaper, let us know - we will do our best to match the price or better it :)

What about the shinies I hear you ask?  Well, it took a while, but we finally seem to be finding that path we want to go down.  We have always wanted to sell unique items, and make things that we think are beautiful & just, well.. cool!! 2012 saw a lot of items go to a mega sale, to say goodbye to old stock that was becoming more common place.... to make way for more shinies!!

The hand sculpted items have started to sell like mad... the problem now is finding the time to make more!!
We have made goblins, dragons, fairy doors and a few other oddments too :)

Hand crafted jewellery is going well too... and seems to have found it's focus in fantasy, geekery and steampunkery - This makes us happy people indeed.

The success of these has enabled us to add to our online store with some 'bought
 in' items - Alchemy Gothic and Retro Goodies... Although, we have not made them - we do think these items are very cool and are happy to pimp them along with our own.  What do you think? Should we sell these too, or just stick to the hand made?

On another note, I just wanted to remind everyone of out tutorials available on the website - they are FREE!!!! There's just a few there now, but we are hoping to add lots more this year :)

Thanks for sharing with us in making 2012 a great year, and I hope you enjoy the ride in 2013!!!

Nici & Marc