Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New Baby Goblin and some prototype Faerie Houses!!

I've been busy busy busy... Was feeling a bit odd today so thought I'd have a day off, but ended up playing about with some clay.  After a discussion regarding Faerie houses on the craftsforum the other day, I thought I'd have a go at making some tiny ones from polymer clay.
I do really want to make some more realistic ones out of natural materials, but think these prototypes are quite cute, about 1.75" tall, they'd look good in a faerie garden me thinks

I also made another baby goblin.  I do love him.  He's got a huge nose, so wears a hat to try and cover it!! Hope you like him :)

Monday, 28 March 2011

Handmade Monday, My First One!!

Been looking forward to joining in for a while.  Want to find out more go to 1stUniqueGifts and see lots of other craftiness!!

Well, Last week was mega busy with work, but I did still manage to get my new website LIVE!!! Woo  Hoo!! Don't forget the discount code:  BLOG25.  This will give you 25% off until 8/4/11.  Go to:  Goblin Dreams Website and Happy Shopping!!!
New Website

I also had an idea strike me and just had to act on it.  Been thinking about doing some fimo toadstools/mushrooms for a while, and thought I'd take it that step further.... So here are my Faerie Fungi... Guardians of all things Fae..... Hope you like them - They range from 0.75" - 1.5" tall!!

Sorry for such a short blog today.  Got to dash, things to do (and I'm being kicked of computer by OH!!)

See you soon x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Website is LIVE!!! Plus Discount Code!!

So, I've been very busy this week with work and getting new Website sorted.  And Finally it's here!!

I'm so Excited!! It has an online shop so People can buy Direct from me, and even better I can give customers lovely discount codes.  

So, here's your Discount Code for 25% off.:  BLOG25

Sorry it's a short post, but I haven't stopped all week, and I'm starting to feel a wee bit ill looking at the computer, time for a rest me thinks.



Saturday, 19 March 2011

Website, dogs and vigilante Faerie Doors

Well, today has been yet another busy day.  Started by finishing painting Faerie Doors, nearly done this batch now - just a few mistake to correct (shouldn't do it when I'm tired).  

I then went onto doing the website again...  Well, tried to!! Laptop was being less than co-operative and nearly had a free flight out of the window, but gave it a little break and it worked well enough for me to finish adding products to site.  Then I spent an age on the info pages.  Hopefully the basics are there now, and it's ready to go live in a few days.  Gotta get the domain name transferred over the, which I have no doubt will be an ordeal in itself!!

So after a stressful day, it was time to take the dogs on a really long walk.  So let me introduce you to the rabble!!
Thorn - well, Thorn's Bum
I took my camera with me, and managed to get a lot of shots of bums in hedges.Then managed to get some nice shots I think, so here they are.

JJ - Top Dog

Thorn - Just out of Hedge

Dax - looking for ball

Blaze - 7 months old and learning to swim

I couldn't get a good shot of the terriers s here's a nice one of them taken a few months back.
Prince (in the back) with Dad Rex
So... whilst walking the dogs, I have a confession to make.  I may have accidentally lost some Faerie Doors.  I think they must have jumped out of my pocket.  I took some photos though, just to be sure...

Finally - whilst uploading pics of the dogs, I found this one and had to share!!!

We don't just grow plants in our garden!!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Webby Webby Website... Vistapint and mega loads of painting

What can I say, I've got the bug.. Now I've started really promoting Goblin Dreams, I'm looking at the website I've had for a good few years now, and thinking.... NO!!!!

So I've started to design a new one, with an integrated shop.  Much easier to navigate, and means people don't have to go to another site to buy my goodies.

Even better, it means I can offer all you lovely people discount codes.  So watch this space, once it's live there'll be a tasty code coming your way.

So, I've been busy busy making it look lovely, and hoping I can get it live in the next week.  Here's some screenshots to give you a sneaky peak.

Home Page

Shop Catergories
Faerie Doors in shop

 So, that's mostly what I've been doing this week, but this morning my lovely stuff from Vistaprint arrived. I was quite excited, I haven't got any pics I'm afraid, but I have got hundreds of business cards, postcards, explanation cards for faerie doors, a mug and a pen!!!  Which reminds me I'll have to get some discount cards printed :)

And last, but not least.  I have been painting Faerie Doors today.. over 60 in fact! I worked out, this took over 7 solid hours!! WOW!!  Had to stop when I was making mistake, so still more to do tomorrow.

Before I go, if you would like to get yourself over to Ali's Craft Studio Blog you can enter the giveaway to win one of her lovely products - Good luck!!

Righty Ho, I'm off for a rest, and to watch Comic Relief :)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Card Stock Arrived today..

Well, I got stupidly excited today when some new card stock arrived.  This is the stuff I wanted. The existing card I had was good, but this takes it up a level. 

Of course, it does cost more, but I do think it's worth it.   

You'll have to excuse the photos I'm afraid, as they were taken with my phone.

I didn't have much time today, so was going to leave the card alone until later in the week, but I couldn't resist making one up.
Gift Box with roses design lid, solid colour base

The pictures just don't do it justice, but they do look and feel lovely.  Will have to take some pictures when it's light.

So, I think I'm definitely going to go with the gift box idea.  And, hey, if no-one wants them, I can use them :)

I have more card stock coming, so can't wait to get making some more of these soon - and I promise I'll share better pictures next time x

Hope you've all had successful days, in whatever you're doing x

Nighty Night, Back soon x

Recent additions

Last week was spent getting to grips with some of the things I've been meaning to do for a while, as well as organising some gift packs for those who want to give a Faerie Door as a present 

Firstly I want to show you something I've been meaning to do for a while. I thought I'd do a little experiment, and it seems to have worked thus far.  Tiny little signs for the garden, pots or hanging baskets.

Here's the freshly cast sign, as you can see it's the same height as a lighter.

No Trolls Garden Sign

And here is the sign painted up in my garden.  This one is cast in Herculite II plaster, but thinking of doing some in stone casting powder to make more durable.  Will Have to experiment.

I'm going to do some different designs, and perhaps some blank ones for customisation.

I'm more than happy with the results, and I hope you like them to?

I've also been busy finishing some Faerie Door Designs I've been working on.
Devon Piskie Faerie Door  3.5" High

This is by far my favourite so far (maybe I'm biased as I live in Devon!).

It's the first time I've used my new metal working stamps to do the sign and I think it works really well.

I was worried it would like too perfect for faerie/goblin writing, but have made a point of not putting the letters in line.

No Trows - Shetland Islands Faerie Door
Here's one, that's been in the making for over a year.  A Trow is a Faerie Troll like creature native to the Shetland Islands.

Someone suggested this to me ages ago on the craft forums, and finally I have some ready to go out!

I'm hoping to get some more designs made specific to regions, so any suggestions you have, please get in touch.

Steam Punk Faerie Door Magnet
If you've seen some of my existing designs, you'll know I love Steampunk Style.  After making a few Steampunk Faerie Doors, I thought a Magnet was also needed.  Can be used as a fridge magnet but I think it would look far better on a computer case (we could all do with some streampunk faeries in our computers couldn't we.

Cast in plaster and painted with a metal effect, this little door is just 2" high.  It has magnets at the back.

Finally, I have been thinking about a gift pack for a while, but could never find gift boxes I liked.  So, I thought I'd make some myself.  

Much easier than I thought, but quite time consuming.  Here's some I've made with existing card stock, now I'm excited awaiting some new card to make more.

Faerie Door Gift Pack

I will do a variety of gift packs, and happily put together bespoke packs to meet individual requirements.
The option I have currently is Gift Box, Organza bag, Mobile/bag Charm and Faerie Door of Choice.  

Coming soon more packs, including tiny glass bottles of fairy dust.

Well, I've really enjoyed putting together my first proper blog post.  I hope you like it, and I look forward to any feedback.
See you soon guys x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Blog..

Have played about with blogging, but have since found out that this is the place to be :)

Where to start???

I've been mega busy the last few weeks, getting set up again.  I started by making my first Faerie door about 6 years ago.  Due to other commitments, I've never really been able to push forward with Goblin Dreams. 

I've been sculpting, casting, moulding, painting, crafting!!!

I'll try not to overwhelm you with everything,but will be adding regular updates to let you see what I'm up to :)