Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fairy wings and supplies

Firstly I must apologise for being such a lazy blogger - Bad Nici!!!

So what have i been up to?  Well, busy busy busy

I've been making lots and lots....

This week I have been mainly concentrating on learning how to make fairy wings

It's a very fiddly process, but they are sooooo cute

I'm still very much learning, but the prototypes have gone down well.  I need to perfect the process of making these, then do a tutorial.

these ones didn't work too well, I tried using superglue to glue the wires -
just ends up messy, but with a little glitter they look ok

These are finished in diamond glaze with glitter, I like the effect of these
These are finished in glue and glitter.. I love the design on these

another set finished in diamond glaze, I think this is definitely the way to do it..

The other thing I have decided is to venture into the world of supplies.  i don't want to go mad, but the main thing is to sell the materials that I use - I'm spending so much on materials I may as well get them wholesale.
So I've added a new section to my website - CRAFT GOBLIN, the plan is to get some tutorials on there too.. 

So that's what I've been up to,  hope you are all having productive weeks x

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Funkalicious Bizarre said...

So pretty, I like the last picture best x