Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Giveaway for 1000 Facebook Likers

Ok, so as promised I have some goodies for a Giveaway.  


You need to leave a comment below telling us about something embarrassing, funny or fabulous that has happened to you

Names will be pulled out of a hat.
Giveaway is open until 8pm Thursday 22nd Sept
Please remember to check back to find out if you are a winner, I will post winners on Facebook too x

Items will be posted free of charge
Competition is open to anyone (not just UK)

Please also add me on Facebook 
(Will be more give aways and discount codes as the numbers grow)

There are 5 individual  prizes up for grabs:

1.  Lolita Necklace with choice of setting, cameo colour and necklace

2. Lolita Bangle (choose your cameo colour)

3.  Absinthe Earrings

4.  Blood Vial Fang Earrings

5.  Large Fairy Cameo Necklace

Good Luck Everyone x


cheesecrackers67 said...

Oh i have so many, where to start? lol The time i was walking over to school to pick up my little uns and fell into a ditch full of nettles, whilst my skirt flew up over my head. Then i heard the voice of a friends husband asking if i was ok and offering to help me out. Of course i said i was fine and limped up and over to school red faced with nettle stings all over my bum

Anonymous said...

How about he one were at the age of about 5 i was playing in a friends front garden when i suddenly needed to have a poo. Afraid i would crap my pants i ran and crouched in the flower bed and had to get my mate to get his older sister to pass toilet roll out the living room window. As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, before i could finish, his mum pulled into the drive and stopped right next to me while i was crapping. Needless to say she was not happy.

Suz Attenborough said...

I was walking through a graveyard recently on my way to the shops when I glanced up and saw what I thought was a ghost standing by a grave!! I let out a blood curdling scream then realized it was just the gardener, I said "oh sorry I thought you were a ghost!" I chuckled and walk by...the guy was stood there frozen with fear wondering what the hell happened and looking at me like I was a complete loony....ooopsy :)

Samantha Webb said...

The most fabulous thing ever happened to me twice, 3 years ago I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl and 3 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! x

Kristina's Jewellery said...

When I first started going out with my partner he went shopping with me to get some bits for my bedroom. I bought a couple of big white wicker and fabric baskets (shabby chic style!) that I adored. He took the fun out of me all day saying they were granny baskets and I looked like miss marple carrying them around. I told him they were definitely NOT granny baskets and they're very popular. Not 5 minutes later an elderly woman came up to me and asked me where I got my baskets from.... 2 years later and he hasn't let me live it down!

Goblin Dreams said...

FROM LIN: .When my boys were little one of them had a new basket ball that needed pumping up, I looked on the instructions and it said to pump it up so many pounds per square inch.... I asked Mark to get me the weighing scales.... blonde or what lol

AimeeG said...

Over 5 years ago I met my now boyfriend. We never looked at each other that way. I was going out with someone and me and my now bf lost contact when I was 6months pregnant and I went on to have a gorgeous little boy. He's now 3 and start of Feb this year got back in contact and we have never been happier and madly in love. Things happen when you least expect it :-)

Marse said...
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Marse said...

Awesome thing would be getting my job. I work for an arts and crafts store and never in my life did I think I would find so many people who are just as insane about creating as myself :D

lilpumpkindoll said...

The most fabulous thing that ever happened to me is my 7 month old son Jasper :D

Goblin Dreams said...

FRom Jen: It was the time you took me to stairways when I was 15 an I felt all grower up ;)

Chepcher Jones said...

Well... it was years ago, but I still remember. I was moving very often. So friendship was hard for a kid. Once I invited girls from another part of the country to me. We were suppose to meet near to the bookshop. Well... a week earlier I was so surprised to see them on a bus stop. I came to them, and was talking about it, how cool it will be next week, and jumped to my bus. Inside I just noticed... that this was a day which we were suppose to spend together. I just forgot. I was reading a book and forgot! I could not walk out of a bus and they never talked to me. Still feel ashamed! :) But this book was so awesome! How could I forget?

Shelley Warreb said...

Shelley W - Funny would have to be watching my friend eyeing up the necklace on your stall that I had already bought her but not yet given her, and then seeing her face when i did.