Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dragons and a Giveaway!!!!

I've finally got to the time of the year when I've got some time to create.  I've been meaning to do dragons for a while, and I've just started to dip my toe in the water.

I haven't had the time to make a big dragon yet, but I've played with a few babies

I've decided to do a little giveaway.... The giveaway is for Errol - the blue dragon.  He holds a piece of Amethyst. 

SO ... How do you enter:


You need to comment below telling me why you like dragons.

Giveaway closes - Sunday 3rd March 2012  at  12 o-clock noon
Winner will be chosen at random using an online number generator
Only one entry per person
Open to all countries

Good luck to everyone!!!!



Jess Powell said...

I love dragons because they remind me of my nan :). When I was little my Nans house would be covered in Dragons, she collected figurines and books. She used to hide them round the house and I would have to go on a Dragon Treasure hunt hehe. My nan has now moved to Spain and I only see her once a year :( she raised me when I was small and she will always be a mum to me. But whenever I see dragons I get a huge smile on my face as its like my Nanny watching out for me even though she's hundreds of miles away :). Thank you so much for this opportunity he is such a cutie and have been admiring your dragons on facebook :) Jess xx

jasonmc01 said...

I love love love dragons....i have 3 tattooed on mum is welsh so i have dragon blood in favourite books are the wheel of time series about.the dragon reborn......theure.just the would just set my collection off perfectly...

Luci Teal said...

I like Dragons as they remind me of an innocent time when I was a kid and I believed anything was possible. When you are a kid you can vanish to a land of make believe and no one bats an eyelid - try building a box fort in the garden when you're nearly 30, you get some right looks! I wanted to have a friend like Pete had (still do if I'm honest :D). x

Tia Johnson said...

I love dragons because they are just simply awesome!! From flying to breathing fire. Pure Awesomeness!

Goblin Dreams said...

From Annabel cartlidge Baxter

I adore dragons. They are powerful and strong, fearsome and
magestic. Graceful and beautiful. I think I\'d be the best dragon keeper
for your Errol.

Laura Berry said...

I like dragons, because they are mystical and wise and beautiful. They have a powerful yet gentle presence. I have always wanted a real dragon, They are a magnificent and i wish they were real. xx

Isis.stargazer said...

I love dragons coz they represent the element of fire, which connects us to passion and energy......something I think we could all do with a little bit of! Also I should win it coz I lurvvvve crystals and I did like your page!!!!!!!!!!!!!

axspike said...

Yea i like dragons cos they have fire and stuff and eat horses and fairys and stuff.

The Krafty Cupcake said...

I love dragons because they are such powerful, yet beautiful creatures. Sue x

Rita said...

I love your cute dragons, as I work with Polymer clay myself, I know how much work and love goes into them.
I have a host of fairy folk here who would love to welcome him into their domain. Xxx Rita

Rita said...
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