Friday, 18 March 2011

Webby Webby Website... Vistapint and mega loads of painting

What can I say, I've got the bug.. Now I've started really promoting Goblin Dreams, I'm looking at the website I've had for a good few years now, and thinking.... NO!!!!

So I've started to design a new one, with an integrated shop.  Much easier to navigate, and means people don't have to go to another site to buy my goodies.

Even better, it means I can offer all you lovely people discount codes.  So watch this space, once it's live there'll be a tasty code coming your way.

So, I've been busy busy making it look lovely, and hoping I can get it live in the next week.  Here's some screenshots to give you a sneaky peak.

Home Page

Shop Catergories
Faerie Doors in shop

 So, that's mostly what I've been doing this week, but this morning my lovely stuff from Vistaprint arrived. I was quite excited, I haven't got any pics I'm afraid, but I have got hundreds of business cards, postcards, explanation cards for faerie doors, a mug and a pen!!!  Which reminds me I'll have to get some discount cards printed :)

And last, but not least.  I have been painting Faerie Doors today.. over 60 in fact! I worked out, this took over 7 solid hours!! WOW!!  Had to stop when I was making mistake, so still more to do tomorrow.

Before I go, if you would like to get yourself over to Ali's Craft Studio Blog you can enter the giveaway to win one of her lovely products - Good luck!!

Righty Ho, I'm off for a rest, and to watch Comic Relief :)


beau-jewellery said...

Really nice job with your website - It looks very easy to navigate - great stuff!

PuppyFly Boutique said...

Wow you have had a busy day! Hope someone made you a cup of tea after those 7 hours. The website looks great :) Anna x

Goblin Dreams said...

Thanks Guys.. Yes did make myself a lovely cuppa after all that work :)

Teresa Crafts said...

Your website is looking good very professional - good job well done