Saturday, 26 March 2011

Website is LIVE!!! Plus Discount Code!!

So, I've been very busy this week with work and getting new Website sorted.  And Finally it's here!!

I'm so Excited!! It has an online shop so People can buy Direct from me, and even better I can give customers lovely discount codes.  

So, here's your Discount Code for 25% off.:  BLOG25

Sorry it's a short post, but I haven't stopped all week, and I'm starting to feel a wee bit ill looking at the computer, time for a rest me thinks.




beau-jewellery said...

Your website looks fab - clean and easy to navigate - excellent.

I know what you mean about the computer. I absolutely detest having to sit at the computer, but its a necessary evil!

Ali said...

Congratulations on your great new website.

I have a lot of sitting infront of the laptop to do (lots of new stuff to update on my website) but seem to be doing pretty well putting it off at the mo!!

Ali x
Ali's Craft Studio

Kat Shenton said...

The website looks really good. I adore your steampunk style doors. So cool!