Saturday, 19 March 2011

Website, dogs and vigilante Faerie Doors

Well, today has been yet another busy day.  Started by finishing painting Faerie Doors, nearly done this batch now - just a few mistake to correct (shouldn't do it when I'm tired).  

I then went onto doing the website again...  Well, tried to!! Laptop was being less than co-operative and nearly had a free flight out of the window, but gave it a little break and it worked well enough for me to finish adding products to site.  Then I spent an age on the info pages.  Hopefully the basics are there now, and it's ready to go live in a few days.  Gotta get the domain name transferred over the, which I have no doubt will be an ordeal in itself!!

So after a stressful day, it was time to take the dogs on a really long walk.  So let me introduce you to the rabble!!
Thorn - well, Thorn's Bum
I took my camera with me, and managed to get a lot of shots of bums in hedges.Then managed to get some nice shots I think, so here they are.

JJ - Top Dog

Thorn - Just out of Hedge

Dax - looking for ball

Blaze - 7 months old and learning to swim

I couldn't get a good shot of the terriers s here's a nice one of them taken a few months back.
Prince (in the back) with Dad Rex
So... whilst walking the dogs, I have a confession to make.  I may have accidentally lost some Faerie Doors.  I think they must have jumped out of my pocket.  I took some photos though, just to be sure...

Finally - whilst uploading pics of the dogs, I found this one and had to share!!!

We don't just grow plants in our garden!!!


Picto said...

Brilliant idea with the doors, love your photo's x

Ali said...

Lovely doggies - you really have your hands full!!

Great photos of your faerie doors (you rebel, you!) hope you are allowed to leave them where they are, everyone needs something to make them smile every day!

Ali x

beau-jewellery said...

How do you manage with all your beautiful dogs? JJ looks very commanding!